Top Mistakes E-commerce Sellers Are Making In 2021

June 28, 2021

Top Mistakes E-commerce Sellers Are Making In 2021

Top Mistakes E-commerce Sellers Are Making In 2021

June 28, 2021
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Online shopping has become the need of the hour. Even before the pandemic hit, the online retail industry was showing a significant rise. And after the pandemic, it’s become a necessity.

When you sell online, especially on e-commerce platforms like Shopee and Lazada, there are tons of sellers selling them same product. But what then differentiates your product from theirs?

More than that, are you aware of the small mistakes you might be making that is costing you multiple customers and revenue? You might not have the perfect e-commerce store when you start but knowing the mistakes that sellers usually make can help you avoid them and stay ahead of your competitors. These small mistakes can impact your conversions and slow down your overall growth process.

Poor Product Descriptions

Online retail sellers usually stick to copying the product descriptions provided by the manufacturer or distributor. The product description has to be useful for the customers and should efficiently solve all the doubts they have about the product before making the purchase decision. The clearer the product description, the easier it is for the customer to purchase. 

Therefore, instead of stuffing it with unnecessary and useless information, the product description should be personally crafted keeping the needs and wants of current and target customers in mind. You should include every small detail like material, size, fit, weight, validity and so on depending on the nature of your product.

Also, if you sell different products on the same platform, it is important to have a different product description for each product, even if they fall under the same category. If you are not very confident about your own write up, you can hire a freelance copywriter to create engaging yet informative and unique content for your online store.

The description should answer these two very important questions, why is the product the best choice? And how it will solve the buyers’ problems?

Overuse of Keywords

Keyword research is an excellent process to make your product rank higher on search engines like google and even products pages on e-commerce platforms. But too much of anything is also bad!

We often come across product listings with titles and description full of only keywords. This not only confuses the customer about the product being sold but also provides them with very less information about the product and its uses.

Instead of stuffing unnecessary keywords into your product titles and descriptions, inject only high-ranking keywords that are relevant to your product category. Keep it short and simple by focusing on the main keywords and this will make your products rank better in search results.

Bad Photography  

Online shopping comes with its own risk and receiving the wrong item is probably a customers’ worst nightmare. When buying something online, the only proof of product customers have is the product picture uploaded by the seller.

Bad product photography is one of the most common mistakes that many e-commerce sellers make and most of the times they don’t even realize. It’s often difficult to make a purchase decision if the picture quality is bad and does not show case the product properly, which in turn leads to loss of revenue as well as customers.

This recurring issue can simply be solved by doing a one-time product photography shoot for your business. You can use a good quality camera to do it yourself or you can hire a freelancer product photographer to do it for you. You want to capture all the different angles of the product. If your product requires instructions on “How to use”, you can also include a video or a visual manual for customers to get a better understanding of how to use it.

You need bright, appealing and informative pictures that attract people to your product and convey the supremacy of your product compared to your competitors.  

Inefficient Checkout

A common problem that e-commerce sellers face is that of abandoned carts. People add products to the cart but don’t end up checking out and buying them.

But why?These are customers who are convinced of the product’s quality and are this close to converting into sales. So, what is stopping them?

You might want to check your checkout system. A lot of time it happens that customers find the checkout process confusing and complicated, they get frustrated and leave the website without making a purchase.

This is something which can be completely avoided which in turn ensures conversion.Make sure you remove all the unnecessary fields from the checkout form, clearly state all the information that you’re looking for, have multiple payment and shipment options. If you charge extra for normal or speed delivery, clearly state the amount and number of days needed for delivery.  


SEO plays a huge role when it comes to product ranking and placement and if you sell products that have multiple sellers it might be the key to success. It is an important part of your e-commerce marketing strategy and also involves product description and photography as we talked about in the earlier points. 

If you copy product descriptions and images from manufacturers or other sellers, search engines such as google will identify it as replicas of other pages and this will have a negative impact on your page rankings. Search engines keep track of when a page is uploaded and can easily trace back the information to the original page.

You cannot fool the search engines! The only way to fully utilize them is to take the ethical path. Publish organic content. You can take inspiration from other but never copy. A good SEO strategy will not only enhance page ranking but also drive organic traffic to your store. If you think you’re having troubles doing it yourself, you can hire an SEO expert to fix things for you and get you on track. They will help you create content, fix broken links, conduct site audits and do a full analysis of your page to identify possible problems and fix them.

SEO is along-term strategy and hence a small investment in it now will benefit you fora long time.


Bad Customer Service

When buying things online, customers have zero physical interaction with either the product or the seller. Majority time they depend on the product information provided on the website but sometimes their queries still exist. If you are just starting out in the e-commerce industry you might overlook this, but you shouldn’t.Happy customers always come back and bring new customers too!

Customer service is basically how you interact with customers and help them solve their queries and complaints on various platforms like your website, email, phone or social media accounts. This includes both pre-purchase and post-purchase queries.

Poor customer service leads to dissatisfied and frustrated customers. Long response times, unresolved issues and complaints, untimely refunds and returns drive away current customers. This in turn creates a negative brand image and you lose out on new potential customers too.

All you need to do to solve this problem is be a little more attentive and responsive.Reply to customers’ comments and queries quickly, if you are unavailable at a certain time clearly state that in your profile, for example, “Our chat service is open from x to y hours. We will address your complaints and queries soon.”When people get some sort of response they are still satisfied, lack of response will just infuriate them.

Lack of reviews

Social proof can have a huge impact on a customer’s buying decision, especially if they’re new customers. They’ve never used the product themselves, so having a review from someone who has really aids the decision-making process.

Customer reviews are vital for e-commerce sellers. They act as anecdotes for your quality products and services and re-ensures buyers’. Your existing buyers’ share their honest purchase experience and let others decide if what you’re saying is actually true.

But you need to make sure these are real customers and not fake ones you pay or self-create just to boost credibility. If customers find out about this, they can complain against your store which might lead to account suspension.

Link to social media accounts

If you have a social media account for your business on platforms like Facebook andInstagram, connecting it to your online store is the way to go. Visiting your social media feed creates a more personal experience for the customer as they get to witness the credibility of your business.

They can see real people following and engaging with your content and product, which ensures some level of satisfaction and safety in the customer’s mind.

Choice of E-commerce platform

Choosing the correct e-commerce platform for your business is an integral step and a step that can easily take you in the wrong direction. It’s a make or break decision. The platform will determine how customers perceive your business, how you present your products, attract users and hence scale your store over time.

You need to find the platform that has the correct tools for your business. If you want to sell overseas, does the platform have a good presence outside of your region; does the platform offer various payment and shipment options, does the platform have a good customer visit rate and so on. You can explore different platforms, analyze their offerings and then make a sound and informed decision as to which one is the best for you. You can have a store on multiple platforms depending on your needs.

Sometimes all of this might seem too much! Especially if you are handling multiple stores. But there is a one stop solution to all these problems. E-commerce Enablers! We at Atsell pride ourselves in efficiently managing your online marketplace stores and supercharing your sales. Apart from managing your day today marketplace operations and customer service, we can set up your marketplace store, handle marketing, product descriptions as well as visuals.




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